Sunday, April 3, 2011

Discussion & Planning Event for Palestine

Wellington Palestine Group presents: Palestine in the New Arab World The 'New Arab Spring' has emerged - Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and beyond - grassroots popular movements overthrowing oppressive state regimes. Yet we are not hearing much from Palestine, despite Palestinians being under perhaps the most oppressive and heavy handed regime - the state of Israel. What's going on in Palestine now? What are the likely ramifications of recent uprisings for Palestinians? What can we do? Come along to this Wellington Palestine Group organised event to hear and discuss more and most importantly figure out how we can all use the skills we have to contribute to raising awareness for Palestine. Discussion and planning event for Palestine Saturday 16th April Top floor, 13 Garrett St (off Cuba St) 2pm to 4pm - light afternoon tea will be provided Contact for the event: Tali Williams or 0212044087


Edward Reid said...

Come on guys, bring your web site up to date!

Martin Hanson said...

The key to the injustice in Palestine is 911. The day after 911, Benjamin Netanyahu said "This is very good for Israel". When attempting to solve a crime, the first clue to look for is motive. Who benefits? There is overwhelming evidence that Muslims had nothing to do with 911, the 19 arab 'hijackers' being patsies. NZ911truth is based in Wellington and have produced a booklet summarizing the evidence at:

Whilst the evidence against any role of Muslims in 911 is conclusive, there is very strong evidence implicating the Israeli Mossad, in the operation - see YouTube interview with Alan Sabrosky:

Robbo said...

Serena Moran (‘The distorted Israeli lens on history’ November 14 Dom Post), demonstrates her own lack of clarity on these matters.
Firstly, Ms Moran seems unaware that the ‘first cab off the rank’ in the apportioning of the Palestine Mandate was the formation of Jordan in 1921. This preceded the formation of Israel by almost 30 years and is four times the size. This hardly represents the ‘whitewashing out’ of Arabs, as Serena states.
Serena Moran also confuses the religious makeup of the entire Mandate territory with that of the land that became Israel. I have no figures for the whole but the census figures for Jerusalem (not unconnected with Israel) for 1922, show 54 percent Jews with the balance about equally split between Muslims and Christians. Hardly the vanishingly small Jewish presence that Moran implies.
It is true that many Arabs left Israel, but many stayed and now occupy senior positions in the Knesset, the Judiciary and the professions. About an equal number (500,000) Jews left the Arab states and I’m unaware of any clamour for their ‘right of return’.